Sickness and Power

“In Sickness and in Power” new book  written by  David Owen. This grand old man of politics who also qualified as a doctor, seems, on the face of it, to be particularly well placed to write about illness and its effects on leaders. An entire section of the book (“The Intoxication of Power”) is devoted to an in-depth analysis of Bush and Blair and their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Expresso newspaper made an interview with the author and explains the main ideas behind this phenomenon.


  1. Aaron

    Pure dope. Brilliant!

    • Helder Oliveira (Author)

      Thank you Aaron.

  2. Nelson Rodrigues

    Muito boa ilustração! A perspectiva, a luminosidade, as expressões das figuras em primeiro plano, os históricos lá em cima a espreitar. Adorei o Saddam.
    Uma atenção ao detalhe fenomenal.
    Um dos teus melhores trabalhos, na minha opinião.

    • Helder Oliveira (Author)

      Nelson, obrigado pela apreciação. Fico contente!

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