My name is Helder Oliveira and I work as a freelance illustrator based in Setúbal, Portugal.
My academic background goes through different artistic media’s as you can see in my portfolio but at the moment I´m deeply approaching illustration as my main creative  area. I love creative challenges and different, non standard, concepts. My skills include drawing from sketch and digital painting or traditional working methods. Photo manipulation represents also a great amount of my latest works. Currently I´m fulfilling commissions from press publishers, advertising agencies, magazines, design studios and all sort of web related graphics.
I´ve started early to draw and play with colours. I don´t remember when but I decided to make a job out of art when I was still interested in chips and ice cream. I still enjoy a good ice cream, not that much for chips but I can´t imagine my life without any kind of artistic creation.

His creations and concepts are inspired by the society that he lives in, poetry and surreal art, with the goal to make the observer think about that is seeing. His other works are full of humor and social criticism.


  • ÑH6 Portfolio Gold Medal | 2013
  • Creative Quarterly 32. Runner Up | 2013
  • SND (Society for News Design | USA) – 2 Awards of Excellence | Expresso Newspaper 2012
  • Meios & Publicidade – cat. Editorial Illustration Award winner | 2011
  • ÑH6 honorable mention | Magazines category/ Illustration | 2010
  • Communication Arts Award of Excellence 50th Annual | 2009
  • SOCIETY NEWS DESIGN spain. – Gold Medal Award winner – Press Illustration | 2008
  • STUART PRESS AWARDS. – Illustration cat. Award Winner -Press Illustration | 2008
  • ETIC. -First Place Award winner – Illustration | 2006
  • Galeria Aberta CMB. – First Place Award winner – Painting | 1997
  • Galeria dos Escudeiros. – First Place Award winner – Painting | 1996


Editorial Illustration

Commercial and Advertising

Books and covers

Web Illustration

Packaging Illustration

Corporate identity