Another page from my sketchbook. Played a bit with photoshop.

Random Sketches

Just some random sketches.

The Navy

Part of a suggested book cover. One of two different proposals. At the end we follow another path and this one never did the sea. The top part and the quote was just for fun.


Just fooling around. I´m not even sure why I made this.

Typewriter icon

I own an old Remington that could use some restoring work but unfortunately photoshop filters can´t handle it…so, I´ve made an icon to make me feel better :]

Wild Wild Web

A dead end commission. Featuring the dark side of the web.
Take care, its a jungle out there =] Different color versions here.

Ornette Coleman

Some free jazz for the weekend. Ornette Coleman and his beautiful white sax. Color variations and closeups here.
For more jazz related art visit jazzanddraw.


New animal on the way. Chameleons are just plain coolness. Slightly different version and closeups here.

The Legendary Sparrowman.

Done. Sparrowman is ready to fly. Check different color versions and closeups on the folio section.

Sea Dragon II

The flow on the first sea dragon was so fun to work with, this had to be done.  Closeup and variations here.

Sea Dragon

Always wanted to paint a Sea Dragon. Last night, watching National Geographic the idea came to my mind once again.  Closeup and original sketch here.

Let’s grow old together

just for fun.


konstriktor logo

Well, I´ve made the decision. Gonna keep this one for some time.

Captain America

After finishing the previous illustration I had to make the captain with his original colors. No one should mess around with a super hero costume, they are very sensitive about this subject.

Searching For a Bigger Sea

To illustrate the wonderful writing of a friend, António Espadaneira.
“Searching For a Bigger Sea” is a short tale about

clay sculpture 1
clay sculpture 2
clay sculpture 3
clay sculpture 4
clay sculpture 5

Clay Sculpture

Long time since I´ve touched a piece of clay.
Think its finished…I like the roughness of it.


Playing with abstract… kind of.