Alberto Cerriteño

Edward Kinsella

Winter II by Edward Kinsella is just awesome.

Emiliano Ponzi

Emiliano Ponzi. Great artwork.


Spam Cartoon

Spam Cartoon is created by André Carrilho and João Paulo Cotrim with Cristina Sampaio (drawings), João Fazenda (drawings) and José Condeixa (sound).


Not so popular as dribbble but still with lots of interesting stuff.

Sona Babajanyan

Take a look at Sona´s Corner. Very nice work with graphite drawing and digital color.

Rick Pirman

I have the luck to have many talented friends and friends with many talents. Rick produces wonderful vector illustration full of joy and energy.

Mário Belém

Mário is another great portuguese illustrator. From drawing to photo manipulation he always give his work a jawdropping touch of quality. His personal stuff is awesome. His commissioned work is nothing less.

Paulo Buchinho

Paulo Buchinho´s work is full of energy and power. Hight quality vector illustration!

Manuel Morgado

Manuel Morgado have some fantastic BD style illustration. Cool blog showcasing his working process