Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson portrait for Exame magazine.

I can't help the feeling of having nothing done yet.

Capital B

B with halftones.


Flowers are an easy subject, I know. They hold still.

BiG MotHer Is WatChing YoU

Some  telecommunications companies started to offer to parents full control on their children location implementing a special chip into mobile phones.

Galeria do Desassossego

Some time ago I´ve made this poster for a friend. At the time he was opening a bar/gallery/concert hall and requested a little help.
Made some tweaks to the original.

Just got an award from i-Award featuring the content of my blog. Cool and unexpected because I didn´t  apply for one. Thanks!

i-Award is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet including Websites, Computer and iPhone software.

Real Estate

Visão magazine´s Cover . How much did people lost with their real state deal.


Crows are amazing animals. They have…charisma.

Louise Attaque – Du monde tout autour

Great animation/music combo.

Spam Cartoon

Spam Cartoon is created by André Carrilho and João Paulo Cotrim with Cristina Sampaio (drawings), João Fazenda (drawings) and José Condeixa (sound).


I hate the damn flies going all around me… I wish I could eat them!

Cuts and Savings

Expresso Newspaper illustration.
Facing the internal crisis portuguese people started to cut off the excessive expenses


Sketch Club

I´ve been using Sketch Club app for iPad and must say its a nice sketching tool.


Ain´t math great?

An intelligent illustration assumes an intelligent viewer. The obvious is boring.

Freebie pre made background with surreal atmosphere. Cold and warm in the same file. Get it.