All about the triangle

Look at her and the triangle at the top will push you up. Hopefully.
Personal work.



This excellent milk is around since 1951 and is by now a reference to the older generations as everyone remembers the quarter bottle of this milk.

True Grit

First of a illustration series about cinema. Started this after seeing Jeff Bridges playing Rooster Cogburn.
Not the best western I ever saw but still a great movie.

Take it

… but handle with caution.

Iguana boy

A personal illustration. Always loved to draw reptiles.


Sketch 4

Ink on paper. playing with characters.

Mário Belém

Mário is another great portuguese illustrator. From drawing to photo manipulation he always give his work a jawdropping touch of quality. His personal stuff is awesome. His commissioned work is nothing less.


Took the day off to plant coriander.

M&P`11 Awards

Just received a pleasant surprise. My illustration “IMF trapezists” published in Expresso Newspaper got the “editorial Illustration category” award, at Meios&Publicidade 2011

Banking Sustainability

Portuguese prime minister just announced his request assistance from Europe’s bailout fund and the International Monetary Fund.

Paulo Buchinho

Paulo Buchinho´s work is full of energy and power. Hight quality vector illustration!


Portuguese franchising is growing here and there across the world and demonstrating competitive skills.

Sketch android

A bit more than a sketch. Kind of an abstract android. Ink and Vieux-chene.


A good shot I took a wile ago in a small desert beach. That boat is there since 1996 and always seemed a good subject.

Monkey with a Bowl

A sketch done a wille ago and finished between commissions.


We were spotting the same angle.

On the Piano Sketch

Another sketch. Ink, Vieux-chene and acrylic on paper.