Sketch 4

Ink on paper. playing with characters.

Mário Belém

Mário is another great portuguese illustrator. From drawing to photo manipulation he always give his work a jawdropping touch of quality. His personal stuff is awesome. His commissioned work is nothing less.


Took the day off to plant coriander.

M&P`11 Awards

Just received a pleasant surprise. My illustration “IMF trapezists” published in Expresso Newspaper got the “editorial Illustration category” award, at Meios&Publicidade 2011

Banking Sustainability

Portuguese prime minister just announced his request assistance from Europe’s bailout fund and the International Monetary Fund.

Paulo Buchinho

Paulo Buchinho´s work is full of energy and power. Hight quality vector illustration!


Portuguese franchising is growing here and there across the world and demonstrating competitive skills.

Sketch android

A bit more than a sketch. Kind of an abstract android. Ink and Vieux-chene.


A good shot I took a wile ago in a small desert beach. That boat is there since 1996 and always seemed a good subject.

Monkey with a Bowl

A sketch done a wille ago and finished between commissions.


We were spotting the same angle.

On the Piano Sketch

Another sketch. Ink, Vieux-chene and acrylic on paper.

Manuel Morgado

Manuel Morgado have some fantastic BD style illustration. Cool blog showcasing his working process


Vieux-chene and color pencil on paper.